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Call and send SMS messages for free using a virtual number


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Text Free SMS is an app that gives you a virtual telephone number from the United States, letting you make phone calls and send text messages for free. All you have to do is create a user account.

Once you create an account, Text Free SMS offers you a series of phone numbers to choose from. After that, you can use this number to send text messages and make calls to other numbers within the United States (it doesn't work with European phone numbers).

Despite the app not letting you call European phones, you can install the app and get U.S. phone number. It even lets you send unlimited text messages and pictures.

The best part about Text Free SMS is that it's free. You start out with only a few free minutes, but you can get more minutes at any time by watching ads or installing sponsored apps.

Text Free SMS is a very powerful communication app that lets you send messages and make voice calls. Best of all, you can do all this using a virtual number for free.